Gary Barlow Organic

Organics and Winemaking explained

06 • 10 • 21

Gary Barlow Organic Wines are made by a renowned collaborative Peninsula Vinicultores situated in central Spain. The Collaborative holds organic viticulture and sustainability at the heart of its ethos and they are known for the strong relationships they forge with the growers that they work with thanks to the importance placed on equality and excellence.

Over the years, organic produce, organic farming and sustainability have become increasingly important to Gary Barlow. But what does ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ mean in winemaking terms? Simply put, organic wine is made from grapes grown in organically farmed vineyards. This means that the vines are farmed with greater respect to the surrounding environment and ecosystems as only products produced in accordance with organic farming are permitted for use. This fundamentally translates as less use of pesticides, less use of herbicides and only natural products such as fertilizers being permitted. The vineyards that these wines are sourced from are also dry-grown (not irrigated) and therefore respectful of water supply and production which is also in accordance with the fundamental principles of sustainability. 

In every winery and in every wine, there are several additives that are used on a daily basis in the winemaking process. In organic wines, only certain additives are permitted and there are strict limits on the amount of each product allowed to be added to the wines. 

Sustainability is harder to define and unlike organics lacks any official parameters or certificates. However, there are basic principles that form the guidelines for sustainability in wine production and conservation is fundamental. This applies, not only to protecting surrounding ecosystems and environments but on a larger scale and therefore conservation of water and energy are vital in any claims to be sustainable.

The process of organic winemaking and sustainability is often associated with an increase in price and it is the accessibility of these organic wines at only £8 per bottle that makes them almost unique.