Gary Barlow Organic

Drinks Business Magazine exclusive

06 • 10 • 21

The Drinks Business were the very first to hear about Gary Barlow’s inaugural wines and Editor, Lucy Shaw, who shares Gary’s love of Spain and Spanish wines, went to meet Gary and taste his wines with him. Over a glass of Gary Barlow Organic White, Gary confessed his passion for fine wine was late to develop and it was not until he was introduced to the delights of Bordeaux in his mid-twenties that his palate was ignited. These days it is after an adrenalin-fuelled live performance that he enjoys a drink; ‘a good glass of wine afterwards makes your shoulders drop.’ The range of wines has been created to satisfy his growing fan base yet remain accessible and will appeal to all wine lovers  ‘Wine is part of growing up and shared experiences. Where you’ve travelled informs your palate and that’s translated into the wines I’ve created’. 

The wines have been created in collaboration with Paul Schaafsma of Benchmark Drinks who has also worked alongside Kylie Minogue and Sir Ian Botham on developing their highly successful wine brands. ‘The blending session was exciting… I’d like to think that when people think of me they think of quality, so when they drink my wine it’s got to taste good.’

“I love how passionate people in the wine trade are – I’m drawn to that. When people are passionate about they do you want to be a part of it. It was interesting to be able to see first hand the amount of thought and hard work that goes into making wine. It’s been brilliant to be a part of it” 

On the boxes and the design Gary Barlow had strong opinions. ‘Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve. I wanted the wines to look classy but also to stand out on the shelf.’

He had equally passionate views on producing an organic wine, ‘Being organic doesn’t take anything away from the wines when it comes to taste…. I was really pleased that we could go down the organic route”. 

Is this it for Gary and his wine collaboration, doesn’t seem so…

‘Barlow isn’t ruling out adding an English wines to his range, but seems keener on making a gin first…’ 

Watch this space! 

With thanks to The Drinks Business and Drinks Business editor, Lucy Shaw.